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Shabu-Shabu set B 


- Handcut Beef Slices (500g/ 17oz)

- Udon noodle (For 2)

- Mixed Veggie (For 2)

- *Frozen Soup Base (Tofu/ Soy Sauce )



⁃ 手切肥牛一份 (500g/ 17oz)

⁃ 日式烏冬一客

⁃ 雜菜盤一份

⁃ 自選湯底*一款 (牛乳湯/ 醬油湯)


*The soup base is packaged in a quick-frozen vacuum form. No need for defrosting, just cut open the packaging and heat it up to enjoy.



[ Allergen Content ]

Milk | Seaame Seeds | Soya


[ 食物過感原 ]

奶類 | 芝麻 | 大豆



Japanese Shabu-Shabu 日式涮涮鍋 Set B

  • Products are limited to the Manchester and Liverpool surrounding areas.


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