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Japanese Style Concentrated Soup Chicken Ramen


Japanese chicken ramen features a rich, creamy white broth resulting in a savory, smooth flavor. It includes tender chicken, thin noodles, and toppings like green onions, sweet corn, and black fungus. This comforting ramen offers a luxurious taste experience.


   - Slides Chicken

   - Egg Noodles

   - Sweet Corns

   - Carrots

   - Chicken Soup Base




   ⁃ 雞肉片

   ⁃ 蛋麵

   ⁃ 栗米粒

   ⁃ 甘筍

   ⁃ 雞白湯


*The soup base is packaged in a quick-frozen vacuum form. No need for defrosting, just cut open the packaging and heat it up to enjoy.



[ Allergen Content ]

Egg | Milk | Soya | Cereals | Sesame Seeds


[ 食物過感原 ]

蛋 | 奶類 | 大豆 | 含麩質的穀物 | 芝麻



We now accept orders from the Manchester, Liverpool, and Edinburgh areas. Orders from Edinburgh will incur an additional cost for transportation fee.


Japanese Style Concentrated Soup Chicken Ramen 日式雞白湯雞肉拉麵

  • Now accepting orders in Great Manchester (M1-60), Warrington (WA1-16), Liverpool (L1-40, CH1-2, CH41-66), and Edinburgh (EH1-17). Order with us today!

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