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Singapore Seafood Laksa with Ramen 


Fragrant coconut curry broth infused with ginger spices, medium tiger prawns, fishballs, mussels, beancurd puff, beansprouts, and egg noodles, offering bold flavors and textures.


   - Sea Shrimp (2ps)

   - Fishballs x 2

   - Mussels x 5

   - Egg Noodles

   - Beancurd Puff

   - Mixed Veggie 

   - Soup Base (Laksa)




   ⁃ 大海蝦 (兩隻)

   ⁃ 魚蛋 (兩粒)

   - 青口 (五隻)

   ⁃ 蛋麵一客

   ⁃ 芽菜

   - 豆卜

   ⁃ 湯底 (冬陰功)


*The soup base is packaged in a quick-frozen vacuum form. No need for defrosting, just cut open the packaging and heat it up to enjoy.



[ Allergen Content ]

Crustaceans | Egg | Milk | Sesame Seeds | Soya | Cereals | Peanuts | Fish


[ 食物過感原 ]

甲殼類 | 蛋 | 奶類 | 芝麻 | 大豆 | 含麩質的穀物 | 花生 | 魚



We now accept orders from the Manchester, Liverpool, and Edinburgh areas. Orders from Edinburgh will incur an additional cost for transportation fee.


Singapore Seafood Laksa Ramen 新加坡海鮮叻沙拉麵

  • Now accepting orders in Great Manchester (M1-60), Warrington (WA1-16), Liverpool (L1-40, CH1-2, CH41-66), and Edinburgh (EH1-17). Order with us today!

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